Who the hell are we?

We are a four piece alternative-indie rock band (whatever that is..) based in Doncaster. We have known each other for the best part of our lives. We went to school together, grew up together and now we make music together. 


The band consists of Calum (guitar/lead vox) Calvin (guitar/backing vox), Josh (Bass) and Stefan (drums). 

Contact us

Since we were all born in the 90s its only right we get with the times and make ourselves easy to contact (to be honest i would much rather use homing pigeons and morse code). 

You can Email Us regarding gigs/events or bookings. If you fancy a chat, you can also catch us on social media like Facebook and/or Twitter

For music videos and all sorts of visual entertainment we have a dedicated Youtube Channel you can subscribe to. 

If for any reason you would like to get in touch with individual band members, here are our twitter handles. 

@calvinapen      @laney92       @beardsley92